New Years

A year in review (2015). by Mialy DeFelice

2015 was wonderful! I have compiled my favorite photo from each month.

My highlights from the year were learning how to run, our trip to Merida and Tulum, Mexico, a visit from my mom, a bunch of amazing hikes, our trip to Bali, a trip to Tahoe for my birthday, starting grad school, and going back home for Christmas for the first time in years and years. It was awesome being able to see most everyone, though a little intense going to three (yes 3) Christmases in one day.

This year we lost one of our greatest friends. I like to think we did a great job at keeping our shit together, but heading home to a Jenna-less Florida, was unequivocally the worst thing ever. I miss her so so much. To apologize for being a Debbie Downer, please enjoy some cute photos of Matisse. 

I understand the top right corner photo is a repeat, but she's too cute to remake the spreads. 

I understand the top right corner photo is a repeat, but she's too cute to remake the spreads. 

Not surprisingly Matisse was super adorbs this year. Aah to be an only cat in a super indulgent household.

The only photos of Eric and I are selfies that I force upon him. You take what you can get.

A year in lounging.

A year in lounging.

My new years resolution is to cook more. After starting school, I got super lazy about the house. My resolution is to make more time to cook. My past resolutions have worked (2014: eat more breakfast, 2015: drink less sugar) so I have super high hopes for 2016. (Hmmm, just realized all my resolutions are food related... but that makes sense I guess, I spend roughly 80% of my free thinking time, trying to decide what I will eat next).

Here's to an amazing 2016!

A year in review (2014). by Mialy DeFelice

I know it might be a little late, but since I have been a tiny bit down on myself lately, I thought it would be fun to look back on 2014.  Even though it ended with a little bit of a whimper, it was actually an amazing year looking back.  We started off the year with trip to celebrate our fifth anniversary (we went to Munich, Salzburg, and Vienna).  We had such a blast!  We had Morgan with us twice and Kim with us once.  We saw Lady Gaga (again), and went to some games (Warriors, 49ers).  We travelled more within California (Palm Springs, Tahoe, Sonoma, Big Sur, LA), and even got to go back home in September.  We went to Belize, which was a life changing trip.  We did a minimalist challenge, that severely reduced our possessions. I kept up my commitment to keep fresh flowers in the house, and though I didn't eat breakfast every day, I ate it a bunch. We moved closer to my work, Eric finished his master's and I applied to grad school.  

I tend to overly focus on the negative and I don't end up appreciating all that amazing parts of my life.  When I left my degree, I set out a list of goals for myself.  To travel, explore my creativity, be more active, and most importantly to not be a workaholic. These goals seemed impossible to me at the time, and I thought I was just setting myself up for disappointment.  But I have accomplished everything I wanted to and more. I have become eminently more comfortable in my own skin.  It did not happen overnight, it took work.  I will not be able to shed the negativity immediately, but I am overall a deeply optimistic person, so I know with work it will come. So bring it on 2015.  I will work my hardest to focus on the positive, and of course (as per my resolution), drink less sugar.  

New Years Resolution. by Mialy DeFelice

I have been progressively drinking less and less sugar over the years.  This year I am going to try to make that last final push, to finally eliminate sugary drinks from my habits.  The biggest trouble will come when eating french fries or any salty food. It just tastes better with a soda.  The main motivation is for better health. Its kinda crazy how much sugar we just drink. So here's to the new year, and less sugar for me!