Minimalism Challenge: The End! / by Mialy DeFelice

And just like that, it was done.

It may sound a little odd and crazy but this was one of the most fun home projects I have ever done.  Our goal was to rid ourselves of 467 items over the course of a month (and though it took an extra week) we managed to part with 500 items!  There are still some items we have that we intend to sell (nobody wants to buy a snowboard in the summer), but we have emotionally detached ourselves from, and don't consider "ours" anymore.

I honestly thought around the time that we had gotten rid of ~100 items, that we wouldn't be able to do it.  I thought we were just going to have to stop at some point.  Yesterday, we were at 446 items, and couldn't imagine finding 20 more we could get rid of, and some how managed to find 54. 

Although the challenge is now officially over, it has drastically changed how I view "things" and our need for them.  Before purchasing anything now, I give myself a lot of space.  I think really hard about if I will use it, and for how long? Will I just be tossing it out in a year? 

Off the sale of our items, we can reupholster a chair that has been in dire need for a couple years now.  We are also toying around with some other updates around our place.

The places that saw the biggest change in the number of items were:

 1. The bathroom.

 I had a bunch of extra toiletries that I was not using, but hanging onto. I got rid of every single thing I do not use.  This had drastically cleaned out the drawers, and made the medicine cabinet a lot more organized.  As a result of everything now having a clear, uncramped space, I actually put everything away when I'm done using it, which makes our place look much cleaner! Yay!

2. The Living Room/Dining Room Area.

 Since we got rid of most all of our books (we currently only have 16 that fit in a small bin in one of our closets), our living room is minus 2 book shelves.  This felt like a gigantic change at first, but now we are more used to the empty wall.  By looks alone, the living room hasn't really changed.  But once you start opening up drawers, or look into our chest, you will immediately see that everything really has been cleared out, leaving only the things we actually use.

3. Our Bedroom Closet.  

My wardrobe took a gigantic hit in this clean out.  But its for the best.  I have learned that I really should not shop trend pieces, and should instead stick to things I will wear on a daily basis, and to invest in those pieces.  I have gotten rid of so much clothes room the past month, as to make me afraid of purchasing new things without serious consideration.

All of this is not to say we do not have fun purchasing new things.  It's just a little more of a process.  However, this has cleared up more funds for travel, which is the thing I enjoy the most.  

Anyway, I'm off! Have a great rest of the weekend!!