The Minimalist Challenge: Week 1 Wrap / by Mialy DeFelice

Day 3. of the challenge was about getting rid of the remnants of of my crafting supplies.  There used to be a time where I would have literally 10-15 projects going at a time that I never ever finished.

However, I'm kinda terrible at knitting so bye-bye knitting stuff!

Day 4.  We listed Eric's snowboarding equipment.  His boots, bindings, board, and helmet.  Skiing here is too far away to go like he used to in NY.  So we are letting them go.

Day 5. I packed away some 4 teacups for Kim, and got rid of Wuthering Heights (I already have a digital copy).

Day 6. I got rid of a bunch of office supplies, glue, paper pads...

Day 7. i listed an easel, a tripod (for the camera I got rid of), our canning equipment, Eric's guitar, and tossed a cat tunnel that Matisse does not seem to like.

We are still working on selling a lot of things online.  I have already found some textbooks that are still worth a pretty penny, so I am working on sending those out as well.

For now I am going to work on choosing a bunch of things for this next week, and continuing to work on letting things go :)