The Minimalist Challenge: Day 2 / by Mialy DeFelice

Day 2, was another difficult day.  A couple months ago my SLR camera was dropped in the ocean and died.  I held onto it, because it was too hard to part with. But we ended up listing it on Craigslist (clearly specifying that it was broken) for $10, and got a reply almost instantly.  Now its gone and out of my life, no longer making me feel sad.  We are also listing another point and shoot, that I got years and years ago (before smart phones existed).  Its not amazing but its functional, and someone else may find use from it. So, Day 2: the day we sold the cameras.

We are also working on getting together our minimalist goals.  To me, my ultimate goal, is to not have to store or organize anything that we do not need.  I often hold onto clothes I do not need, books I will not reread, or objects of crafting past just because I know how much I paid for them.

I am working on being much better about choosing what I purchase, and being able to let things go. The Lady Gaga concert is tonight, and I did not even purchase a new outfit! What?! I know!  I am also working on trying to move things to a digital format.  I purchase all my books as eBooks now, and read all my journal articles through Readcube.  We use iTunes and AppleTV to purchase new movies, and music, and have a hiatus on purchasing new notebooks.

Anyway, on to Day 3!