The Minimalist Challenge: Day 1 / by Mialy DeFelice

Ever since we moved out of our 3 bedroom apartment 2 years ago (why did we ever have a place that big?!), we have been working on minimizing our possessions.

When we first moved into a studio loft we sold a bunch of books, and extra furniture and rented a storage space to house all of our extras.  A little basement flood helped us get rid a lot of those things.  But many still survived.  When we moved across the country, we again sold off a lot of furniture.  And upon moving here I got rid of a lot of unnecessary clothing and shoes, extra cooking equipment, and odd decor.  We were able to add a couple of nice pieces of furniture, and I went on a spending hiatus, in order to purchase my first nice piece of clothing (a leather jacket).  But I still feel like we are swamped in too many objects.

Hence, the Minimalism Challenge.  I came across it here, and immediately was intrigued. Day 1, get rid of one item, Day 2, two, Day3, three.... you get the picture.

For the month of June that totals to a whopping 465 items!  People ask us if we have that many items, and I am super sad to say that I think we do.  I think this challenge is the final push we need to move to the final stage, of only having the possessions that we actually use.

Yesterday, was June 1st and we had to get rid of the first item.  Its not really gone, gone yet, but its listed on Craigslist with someone scheduled to come see it.  And let me tell ya, this was not an easy listing.  My bike.  My road bike.  Probably the nicest item I own.  However, it is expensive, and I cannot justify keeping it since I do not really ride it that much anymore.

This is just the beginning, but I anticipate a month of great fun!  For now I am just researching the best places to cell clothing online.