Minimalist Challenge: Week 2 / by Mialy DeFelice

This week was really fun getting rid of everything.  It mainly consisted of getting rid of most all of my books, two whole bookshelves full.  The bookshelves also were tossed.  We only kept a few select books, that both Eric and I are particularly attached to.  For me the Harry Potter series, and my Salingers and him, his Malcolm Gladwell books.  All the books now fit snuggly in one part of our media console.

This clean out got rid of a huge number of our weeks items.  I also tossed a LOT of things that we didn't even count (which I am now kicking myself for).  Gone are my stack of Gaga magazines and odd books.

This was a big week for selling items.  We sold most of the books online.  The fictions went to Powell's books.  And I used to find the best places to sell the textbooks.  We also sold a bunch of DVDs we no longer watch online as well.

All and all this week was a huge success, but it is about to get real tough real quick.  Next week each day we have to get rid of 15 items and more..ouch!