Minimalism Challenge: Week 3 / by Mialy DeFelice

Week 3 was a hard week.  I officially didn't finish getting rid of items till the end of Week 4, oops! We had to get rid of a whopping 126 items! For the past year, I have been working hard to severely scale back my wardrobe, and this was the week I finally reduced my closet to a level that I am really happy with.  Granted there are still some things I could probably part with, but the clothes I am left with are pieces that I actually wear on a regular basis.  I am sending most of my clothes to ThredUp since they seem to pay a decent amount for clothing that is still in good shape.

I also took advantage of this week to go through my toiletries, and was able to get rid of a lot of products that I bought but did not like.  Like lotions that smelled too strongly, or made my skin feel greasy, or toners that I never used.  These actually counted for a lot of items.  I also got rid of a lot of makeup that I never wore.  In addition, we sold our old dish set, since we replaced it last year.  It had just been sitting in a closet, but now it all has a new home.  We also replaced all our glassware last year but held onto the old stuff for no particular reason, so away those go!

I am really proud of the progress we have made.  I am giving myself 2 weeks to complete week 4 of the challenge.  We have to get rid of 234 items!  I'm going to have to take my time with this.