How to do absolutely nothing. / by Mialy DeFelice

Need some time off work? Use the following as a guide to ease you into doing absolutely nothing. Then enjoy all that endless, boundless free time!!

Step 1. Take a month off of work.

Step 2. Book a vacation.

Step 3. Make an impossibly long to do list.

Step 4. Clean the house from top to bottom.

Step 5. Throw away half your possessions.

Step 6. Re-clean the house.

Step 7. Paint your nails.

Step 8. Go to the library and check out a bunch of books.

Step 9. Read all the books in record time, leaving you with nothing to do.

Step 10. Spend a half hour in the pharmacy choosing a sunscreen.

Step 11. Change your mind about the sunscreen, return it, and get the one you really wanted.

Step 12. Write a blog post.

Step 13. Delete said blogpost.

Step 14. Find a recipe that will use almost all the vegetables in your refrigerator in one go. 

Step 15. Lift your 5 lb weights for 10 minutes. (exercise.)

Step 16. Do everything (everything) on your to do list.

Step 17. Feel anxious about having an empty to do list. Make up a new one.

Step 18. Buy more sunscreen.

Step 19. Search your brain desperately for something else to do.

Step 20. Go for a run, cause you have nothing better to do.

Voila. Now you have done everything you can do, so feel free to do nothing. 

Just don't get bored!

*Photo is from Alaska 2001. Film.