Simplify that. / by Mialy DeFelice

Tapestry from Merida, Mexico. :)

Tapestry from Merida, Mexico. :)

For the past couple of years I have been making conscious efforts to simplify and streamline my life. I recently started reading a book on how to make your home and work life more effortless and in the process have found that I have actually come pretty far. One part of the book talks about how forming habits allows us to do those things that we don't really love without much thought, just switch on that autopilot y'all! And guys, I have been unbeknownst to myself making habits and micro-habits like crazy. I thought it might be fun to share with you guys the things that have proved the most helpful to making my life so much simpler.

1. I minimized my wardrobe : I will go more into detail in a later post but seriously I don't have that much clothes anymore and most of it is some take on the following uniform: Jeans (mostly black), t-shirt or sweater (neutral color) worn with boots or ballet flats, in the summer with sandals. I always wear a bracelet on my left arm, a watch on my right, and I always (always) wear a necklace (I have about 5 to choose from). Voila. Thats what I wear every day. It might be boring but it works and has taken the guess work out of dressing. I only buy clothes sparingly and its only things I really love.

2. We minimized our possessions: We now don't have a ton of excess things in our house (the one exception might be the kitchen... we have 3 sets of measuring cups...). Everything has a place and is super easy to find. This has made our life immeasurably easier.

3. I made a morning routine: I have a very defined morning routine, I didn't consciously make it, but it exists nonetheless. It is also contains a couple of little micro routines, my chemex coffee ritual and my super simple makeup routine :). My mornings are now no muss no fuss, and more importantly calming.

4. I meal prep on Sundays: This takes place in a few steps. (1) Sunday morning I wake up early and pick out all the recipes of what we will eat in the week (2) I write up a grocery list, and check that puppy twice (3) we hit the farmers market first, then head off to trader joes (4) I make the food. I tend to pick simple food, and mainly prep what we will be eating for breakfast and lunch that week while making sure we have all the ingredients on hand for weekday meals. Meal prepping saved my sanity.

It is a little nuts to me that I have actually made all of these habits. 

When we moved out here I decided that things were going to be different. All of these changes took place in the past couple of years (though we started minimizing some back in Rochester), and meal prep Sunday is a habit that I started cultivating only after we got back from Mexico, but is one that I will not part with now. I still have not made a habit of working out and I have not quite found a way to make a habit of the awful chore of cleaning, but now that I know I am finally capable of habits I think these are the things I am going to try to go for next.

Anyway, that was a pretty long and random post, sorry!

Have a wonderful day!!