Mexico. Part 2. / by Mialy DeFelice

So it has been a few weeks since we got back from Mexico now. Many of the specifics of our stay have faded so this post will be mainly pictures. For this second part of the trip we went to Tulum, which is a sort of hippy beach town about an hour and a half south of Cancun. It is more laid back and less busy than Cancun but still has amazing beaches.  I booked us a resort that had no electricity or internet in the rooms. It was sort of a gift to unplug and is definitely something I would like to do again.  All and all it was a wonderful experience, 100% needed after Eric's work schedule this past year. 

I would go back to Tulum in a heartbeat! :) 

This summer I think we are going to make most of our travel local.  I would love to visit San Diego and Eric really wants to go to Vegas for a weekend. Then in late August to mid-September I am taking a month off before grad school.  We are already committed to going to Europe. But are not really set on the place. We want to go to Italy but cannot decide if we should just chill and spend the entire time traveling there, or if we want to do a multi country tour (think: Italy, the south of France, Spain, Morocco). If anybody has any opinions please let me know!

Anyway, I gots to get. Love you dolls!