Toast for two. / by Mialy DeFelice

When it comes to breakfast philosophy Eric and I have wildly different ideas on what constitutes an amazing one.  He generally skews to the sweet, while I have a firm belief that waffles and pancakes are not breakfast but dessert, and as such go for the savory.  This morning we had some extra french bread to use up.  My favorite, avocado toast, was top of mind while Eric totally fixated on French toast.  So deux toasts it was. 

I am generally terrible at making french toast. The middle is soggy and the edges are butter burnt.  The angst usually turns me away.  But a little googling led me to this tip sheet from Bon Appetit on how to avoid some common french toast mistakes.  This led me to leave out the sugar from the batter, let each side soak for 10 minutes and use butter and oil for the pan.  After cooking at a strictly medium heat, the toast came out perfectly.  For the topping I made a berry compote using this recipe from The Minimalist Baker, using some frozen berries.  It all turned out perfectly.

My toast was much simpler.  Two slices of bread and half an avocado mashed with a fork.  I toasted the bread then spread with the avocado, and topped with paprika, salt and pepper. Yummy!

Anyway, sorry for a whole post about our breakfast, it was just so yummy, and fun to make :)