New Bloggin' Feelin'. / by Mialy DeFelice


Omg, I am so flipping indecisive.  I have never kept blog posts for that long, or kept the same blog, or the same blog name.  The truth is, that save for Eric, I have real issues with commitment.  I haven't been able to commit to an apartment or a neighborhood, decor or well anything for long.  But I am really truly going to try to, at least/maybe/partially, commit to this blog for, at least, a little bit.  The last blog (whatmialydid) was named cause I honestly couldn't think of anything else.  This name is based on our old Tumblr blog (EricandMialy) whose tagline was "Because We're Terrible At Calling".  Since I loved this name, just not tumblr, I thought I would start over semi fresh.  

I really hope that the improved functions of Squarespace (over blogger) help encourage me to write more.  I have a good feeling about this!!

Meanwhile, stay tuned for unbeliezable updates on our trip!


p.s. How cute is Matisse?!