Focus Pocus. / by Mialy DeFelice

I am trying to focus on only the positive. Let everything else go. Let it gooooooo. Stress can sometimes find ways to seep into little crevices that you haven't filled with joy.  I am going to work very hard on filling up all those cracks.  That is my plan for the new year.  I'm going to start practicing now.  Positive, positive focus pocus.  

The Little One is coming in after Christmas. I am so so excited. I have so many funtivities lined up and I can't wait to relax and recharge for the new year.  It has been such and odd year, and I am looking forward to a fresh start.  

I'll update later with what I ended up getting Eric for Christmas.  He is the most difficult person to shop for due to his desire for absolutely nothing.  But rest assured. I got him tons of really fun things :)

Matisse has been super cuddly lately since its been so chilly, but I'm not complaining. Anyway, have a wonderful day!