Lake Tahoe. / by Mialy DeFelice

Last weekend we took a trip for my 28th birthday to Lake Tahoe.  It was so beautifully snowy, it felt magical.  We only had one night to stay, so we left pretty early Saturday morning to get there. We were able to get in a nice hike the first day, in the Desolation Wilderness to the southwest of Lake Tahoe.  It was the most beautiful hike I have ever been on.  Most of the time we  walked upstream alongside a river, the end of which you could see where the river starts cascading from over the top of a mountain.  

We stayed at the Basecamp Hotel, which is a cute little (affordable) hipster hotel right on the border with Nevada (which is odd cause right on the other side of the street you can see Casinos right on the border). The hotel was super cute, and had a little fire pit, and (added bonus) sold little s'more kits.

The next day we explored around the west side of the lake, which was stunningly gorgeous. The water there is just insanely blue.  I already have tons of plans for future weekend trips back.

As final birthday treat to myself, today, I did a little birthday shopping with my birthday cash.  I was so delighted to find that Zara jeans fit me perfectly. Go figure! And at only $50 a pop, I feel like many of my future jeans will be coming from there. Yay!  I was so excited to be able to get a full outfit, and those shoes are just insanely comfortable.  I have a hard time incorporating color into my wardrobe, but for some reason grey and black just speak to me.   

Anyway, have a wonderful weekend!