Almost, almost there. / by Mialy DeFelice

I am home today to study for the GRE, which I am taking tomorrow (Saturday) at the very early 8:00 am. I am so close... so freaking close to being done with all the grad school application stuff.  It will officially all be over with after Thanksgiving.  I am so excited.  All the main parts have been completed. I am just counting down till its all submitted. I am trying to figure out what to do to celebrate when I'm done.  The contenders are: weekend away,  shopping, or spa day.  

Our apartment is starting to look pretty spiffy nowadays.  We got a new desk (for the desktop Eric built) and a new table and dining chairs.  This all started because our old dining set nearly broke my back when I spent nearly a month studying at it.  This time we decided to go white with the tables, because we were in a little dark wood overload with our furniture.  I love the overall look, and will post prettier pictures in the future.  I was super nervous about a desktop entering our home.  Eric has a tendency to love huge desktop bases, complete with flashing lights.   I was able to find a 'mini' all white case, that is not very visible :).  We just need to get a new media cabinet, and our small living transformation will be complete.  Clearly we are severely lacking artwork as well.  It'll just take a little while to come together.  Anyway, I am off to keep studying, and to eat some oranges :). 

Ill check back in after everything has cooled down a bit. 

"One-dle + One-dle = Twodles" - Brooklyn Nine Nine.