And over a month later... / by Mialy DeFelice

It has been over month since I last posted, which is a shame really.  That is how it tends to go with me and blogs.   So what has happen here over the past monthish?  

1. Eric turned 29 woot woot! We went to the 49ers game to celebrate, with was fun but sweltering.  

2. The same weekend of Erics birthday we found an amazing apartment near my work, and amazingly got it! We had to move within a week though to secure it, so crazy packing ensued, that completely took over my life for a little bit there.

3. I took the GRE. I'm pretty glad thats over.

4. Our succulent died somewhere around the time of the move.  Eric put it outside to try to revive it, and that seems to have been the final push it needed to fully die. *tear*.

So whats on the docket now?  Its my birthday in a few days! Woot!  I turn 28... on the 28th!  To celebrate I am going to do a tiny bit of birthday shopping.  I have my eye on a Vince boatneck sweater (I know, I live on the edge of fashion, jk!).  I think we might try to do a little mini road  trip up to Napa next weekend as well, so yay!

I will post pictures of our new apartment (complete with hardwood floors) at a later date.  Have a wonderful weekend!!