Holiday Outfit 2015 by Mialy DeFelice


So now for a frivolous outfit post. We are going back home for Christmas this year. So I thought it would be fun to get a Christmas outfit. My style is pretty well defined. Give me skinny jeans and any top that does not touch my stomach and I'm good to go (seriously though, I hate clothing that touches my stomach, I have an Alexander Wang dress wasting away in my closet, because I didn't accurately anticipate my hatred for tight clothing). 

Anyway, if you are looking for a jazzy (aka cozy) Christmas outfit, I hope you are sufficiently inspired :) My favorite is the top one :)

Merry Christmas to All! And to all a great sweater!!!

Lake Tahoe. by Mialy DeFelice

Last weekend we celebrated my 29th birthday with a little weekend getaway to Lake Tahoe. I was hoping to perfectly recreate the trip we took there last year for my 28th birthday, where we went on the most amazing snow hike, but it was sadly not snowing. However, the lake did not disappoint one bit. We went on a 9 mile hike from Emerald Bay to DL Bliss state park (then back again). It was all the more amazing given that Eric was sick. By Sunday, I was unfortunately sick as well :(

I think part of me is sad that I am slowly leaving my 20s but another part of myself is a little ashamed of that. Losing Jenna has taught me how tenuous our grasp on life really is, I'm glad I can keep growing older. It's a gift. 

Since on Sunday we were both sick, we didn't get to do another hike in Desolation Wilderness like I had planned, so I am hoping we can go back sometime soon :) I love love love Lake Tahoe :) I spent way too much time taking photos of the water. It was like tropical waters blue. 

Birthday Photo!!! :)

Birthday Photo!!! :)

Bali. Part III. by Mialy DeFelice


For the last part of our trip to Bali, we stayed in the small town of Padangbai. We didn't stay in the town town, we stayed on a mountain ridge right above it that afforded us insane views of the port towns of Padangbai on one side and Manggis on the other. We were surrounded by ocean. The place we stayed at an eco resort that may have been a little too eco friendly for my tastes. I'm all for not killing bugs or shooing away animals, but the placement of fruiting vines around the villa seemed to be very much inviting the monkeys in. In fact, our last day there we watched as about 10 monkeys entered the villa next to ours. There also may or may not have been an incident involving dinner, and thousands of flying ants erupting from the bushes around us.

The night of the fateful flying ant fiasco (before the disaster, obviously).

The night of the fateful flying ant fiasco (before the disaster, obviously).

All in all though, the place was wonderful. The pool was one that kind of resembled a beach in the sloping gradualness of the entrance and I think solely due to this was the reason why it was the first warm pool experience we had in Bali. It was so nice! Each day we went down to the Bloo Lagoon beach. It was a tiny little beach area that a lot of boats bring snorkelers, and was about a 5 minute walk from our hotel.  The water was the bluest blue ever, so blue it was hard to capture in the photos the sheer intensity of it.  We just relaxed on this last part of the trip, and didn't venture down into the town at all. The photos are not cohesive, I apologize for that. 

In the day the clouds hid the volcano that you could see in the above nighttime photo.

In the day the clouds hid the volcano that you could see in the above nighttime photo.

Waiting for our sunscreen to dry :)

Waiting for our sunscreen to dry :)

I have the most amazing video of Eric about to go snorkeling, it is about my favorite of all time.

I have the most amazing video of Eric about to go snorkeling, it is about my favorite of all time.

The view from our place. Overlooking Padangbai.

The view from our place. Overlooking Padangbai.

One last parting shot of Bloo Lagoon.

One last parting shot of Bloo Lagoon.

Bali. Part II. by Mialy DeFelice

Oh, Ubud. There are so many things I could say about this place. Ubud will always remain in my heart a wonderful and horrible place. Our villa was one of the nicest places we have every stayed. It was super modern, with our own little pool. It was absolute perfection; Eric and I were practically beside ourselves. Then, the night we got in, we woke in the middle of the night to terrible news; one of our best friends passed away while we were in Sanur.

It's hard for me to articulate this pain. Its all encompassing. At first the tears fell in sobs. Now I can't sit too still cause if I do, the tears will just start streaming down. No drama, just tears. I find myself sitting and staring for hours repeating her name in my head a million times. At one point, before things started popping up on Facebook, I turned to Eric, with all sincerity, and asked if he thought it was just a terrible joke, cause it seemed too crazy to be true.  I can feel myself changing little by little. Because of how she died, I find myself getting so fearful. Ubud has sort of dangerous roads, and the sidewalks are liable to open into pits. I became afraid of walking. I am trying to actively oppose the fear in my head, but its hard. I am hoping that when this is all a little less raw, that it will all get easier. 

At first when we got the news, I was horrified that we were going to miss her funeral. But as time has gone on, I think its better this way. I need to remember her how she was in life. I can't see her in death, its too terrible.  In life, Jenna was an amazing friend. One of those rare gems of a friend. We didn't need to talk all the time to know that we would always be there for one another. She was super passionate about everything she did, and I am grateful for the time I got to be with her. I wish I could write more about her and what she meant to us, but it is too sad and personal. Suffice it to say, every memory I have of Bali is suffused with memories of her and a profound sadness. Though we were in such beautiful and amazing surroundings, I had an extremely heavy heart. I don't want to cloud all my writing about this beautiful place with the sadness I was feeling, so just know it was there; behind the glittering images, there is real sorrow.

The day after we got the news we were scheduled for a cooking class in a Balinese house. We didn't want to cancel last minute so we just went. I was thankful for the distraction, though I was in such a daze I don't really remember much of it, except how beautiful Balinese house compounds are. They all have the same basic structure, part shrine, small outdoor living areas, and the gardens. So beautiful. 

The rest of our time in Ubud, was spent exploring. There are wonderful little markets and galleries, and we purchased way too much stuff (especially for people trying to minimize). The problem is that everything was both exquisitely beautiful and affordable. A dangerous combination. We went on a hike to see some neighboring rice terraces, and spent a lot of time in our villa.

We actually have a video of another little chicken deciding on whether or not to cross the road.  :)

We actually have a video of another little chicken deciding on whether or not to cross the road.  :)

I didn't actually take that many pictures of Ubud itself, as I was too busy being engrossed in my surroundings. It was every single thing I was hoping it would be though. It was busy, hot, crowded, and full of amazing treasures. There were tons of little streets to browse in, and so much amazing food for so cheap I couldn't believe it. 

Every morning there we got the biggest breakfasts (as they were included).  They were tapas style so we tried a LOT of stuff, and the menu rotated so much that we never ate the same thing twice. I would recommend this place for the breakfasts alone.

On our way out of Ubud to our next place in Padangbai, we took a little tour of the area. We started off the day at some wood working and art galleries. The level of detail in the traditional work was quite exquisite. I also learned that you can carve sandalwood. I had previously only thought of it as a scent wood, kind of like cinnamon.

We next went to a farm where they grow everything from coffee beans and pineapple to cinnamon and cloves. They set out the cutest little drink sampler for us, and Eric fell in love with the Tumeric Tea (the bright yellow one) while I loved the Pandanus one (the one with a little leaf). In Bali there is a very popular Luwak coffee. They basically gather coffee beans from the stool of the Luwak cat that eats the beans. Everywhere we went people were trying to get us to buy this coffee. It is insanely expensive, especially for Bali standards (a normal cup of coffee will cost you $1 while Luwak will cost from $5-10). But our biggest problem was the treatment of the cats. In the wild, coffee is a small part of their diet, but in the coffee farms they are caged and forced to eat a lot of coffee. One site I read compared Luwak coffee to fois gras. Needless to say, we didn't drink any.  We did, however, buy some of their Tumeric and Pandanus tea along with a heaping pile of saffron (which in Bali is super affordable).

The little graffito is from Ubud ;) 

The little graffito is from Ubud ;) 

For our last stop, we ate lunch overlooking this volcano in a crater... surrounded by a lake. The views were unreal.

Anyway, sorry for how long this post is. The last part of this Bali series is of our trip to Padongbai.

Have a wonderful day! 

Bali, Part I. by Mialy DeFelice


As I write this I am battling extreme, extreme jet lag. It's been a few days since we got back from Bali, and I have still not gotten back on schedule. This morning, I dragged myself out of bed, begrudgingly, at 11:30, and at nearly 3:00 in the afternoon, I still haven't eaten a thing. Last night I had to go out, and it was only 10:30 (!) before I had to call it a night. Jet lag sucks. I'm hoping I can get it together soon though. However, this post is about our recent trip to Bali!

Our first stop was Sanur Beach on the east side of the island. We decided to come here over the more popular beaches of Kuta, Nunsa Dua, and Seminyak because it was supposed to be quieter. Although our hotel was nice, the resort itself was quite large, so it was still quite a bit busy. Nonetheless, it is quite a beautiful area, and we totally took the opportunity to do absolutely nothing. It was here that we were also introduced to how spectacularly inexpensive room service is in Bali. Like for real. It is the same price as the hotel restaurants, so for homebodies like Eric and I were were in food heaven.  We actually had to force ourselves to go our for fear of never seeing the ocean. 

I tend to shy away from the sunshine. 

I tend to shy away from the sunshine. 

Some quick things about Bali that we were introduced to right off the bat.

1. They drive on the opposite side of the road.

2. There are a lot of scooters. 

3. Road lanes mean almost nothing.

4. Dogs run wild and will come right up to you (if I had gotten my Rabies vaccine I would have been  LOT more chill about this).

5. The food is insanely cheap but the drinks are really expensive (w.r.t. the cost of the food). 

It was also here in Sanur that Eric lost his wedding ring... oops! It was kind of funny really, and we were lucky enough to be able to get him a new one on our way to Ubud in one of the little jewelers villages.

There is not much for me to say about Sanur specifically since we didn't leave the resort once. On our way to Ubud, though, we saw a lot of fun things with our guide Komang. On our first stop we got to see how Batik and Ikat fabric is made. It was extremely fascinating and astonishing the level of work and care that goes into these pieces. We got two pieces of Ikat and a little piece of Batik. You know how you see that something is handmade, and you think... okay sure, but there is probably a machine in there somewhere... but nope, they really make this fabric by hand and its so beautiful.

There were ceremonies all the time in Bali. This one they were walking all the way to the ocean.

There were ceremonies all the time in Bali. This one they were walking all the way to the ocean.

The temple on the ocean was beautiful. We were there at high tide so the waves were pretty intense. Also thats the Indian Ocean there in the back!

I was honestly blown away by the rice paddies and the planting process. They actually hand plant and tend to all the rice. The rice terrace valleys were unreal.

These rice paddies were breathtaking and stretched for miles :)

These rice paddies were breathtaking and stretched for miles :)

Since we were at the temple on the lake during dry season, it did not so much appear on the lake as along side it. There is also a volcano in the background by the clouds cover it up :)

A wonderful pink swan paddle boat :)

A wonderful pink swan paddle boat :)

Anyway, thats it for Part I of our trip. I will post Part II (Ubud), and Part III (Bloo Lagoon) later this week. Have a great day!

How to do absolutely nothing. by Mialy DeFelice

Need some time off work? Use the following as a guide to ease you into doing absolutely nothing. Then enjoy all that endless, boundless free time!!

Step 1. Take a month off of work.

Step 2. Book a vacation.

Step 3. Make an impossibly long to do list.

Step 4. Clean the house from top to bottom.

Step 5. Throw away half your possessions.

Step 6. Re-clean the house.

Step 7. Paint your nails.

Step 8. Go to the library and check out a bunch of books.

Step 9. Read all the books in record time, leaving you with nothing to do.

Step 10. Spend a half hour in the pharmacy choosing a sunscreen.

Step 11. Change your mind about the sunscreen, return it, and get the one you really wanted.

Step 12. Write a blog post.

Step 13. Delete said blogpost.

Step 14. Find a recipe that will use almost all the vegetables in your refrigerator in one go. 

Step 15. Lift your 5 lb weights for 10 minutes. (exercise.)

Step 16. Do everything (everything) on your to do list.

Step 17. Feel anxious about having an empty to do list. Make up a new one.

Step 18. Buy more sunscreen.

Step 19. Search your brain desperately for something else to do.

Step 20. Go for a run, cause you have nothing better to do.

Voila. Now you have done everything you can do, so feel free to do nothing. 

Just don't get bored!

*Photo is from Alaska 2001. Film.